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Med-e-Cell is a privately owned, intellectual property company, established to discover, demonstrate and develop novel uses for its patented Prime Mover  technology and to commercialize products by partnering with industry.

For a description of our technology refer to our Technology pages.
Med-e-Cell is seeking licensees and partners for the commercialization and marketing of products based on its Prime Mover TM technology. This technology is well suited to serve the needs of the Healthcare, Veterinary, Agribusiness, Industrial and Commercial markets.
Med-e-Cell's Prime Mover TM technology has been successfully implemented in delivery systems, systems control and actuation and for the generation and maintenance of oxygen rich or oxygen depleted environments.

See our Applications pages for additional details.

Med-e-Cell's intellectual property available to our licensees and partners, consists of patents (over 50 patents worldwide), technology and know-how, designs and manufacturing processes.
Med-e-Cell's capabilities, to support licensees and partners, include assistance and support in prototype design, product development, patent portfolio development, pilot production and a manufacturing facility for its Prime Mover TM.
Med-e-Cell's newest Prime Mover TM based product, the Infu-Disk  in 5 and 10 mL volumes is now available! These single use fluid delivery pumps operate at any flow rate between 0.03 mL/hr and 4.0 mL/hr. To learn more about the Infu-DiskTM follow the Products link.
If you are interested in a custom product integrating Prime Mover TM technology or want to explore a business alliance involving licensing or marketing Med-e-Cell products, use any of the following ways to contact us.
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