Prime MoverTM Based Micro-Environment Control Products

Oxygen Extraction Device
Med-e-Cell's Prime MoverTM can also be used to extract oxygen from vials, containers or bags for the purpose of preservation of drugs, food, chemicals or any oxygen sensitive product.

A prototype oxygen extractor (at right) has shown to extend the storage life of epinephrine, an oxygen sensitive drug. Epinephrine is normally stored in a glass vial and sealed with an elastomeric cap.

The latest Extract-OTM designs and prototypes have been made to fit within common vial cap sizes. Extract-OTM has been demonstrated to reduce the oxygen concentration within a closed volume to minute levels for extended periods of time (200 ppm for up to 2 years for the prototype shown above).

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Wound Treatment
This topical oxygen wound dressing includes an oxygen generator to maintain an oxygen enriched micro-climate over the wound.

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