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Figure 4  5 mL Infu-DiskTM Flow Rate Profile for a 5 Day Delivery Rate (0.042 mL/hr)
The Infu-DiskTM pump's flow rate rises linearly to it's set flow rate before the delivery of the first 0.25 mL.  After 97% of the pump's fluid has been delivered the flow rate will diminish as shown in figures 1 through 4.
Flow Rate Accuracy
When exposed to standard operating conditions the Infu-DiskTM pump's flow rate, calculated on a incremental basis, will not vary by more than 10% after delivery of the first 0.5 mL and before delivery of the last 0.5 mL of it's contents.  The time interval used to calculate flow rate is the time required to deliver 0.5 mL.  See figures 1 through 4 for flow profile start-up and ending characteristics. 
Influence of Pressure on Flow Rate
The factory set flow rate for an Infu-DiskTM pump is based on a standard fluid delivery pressure of 11 mm Hg.  Fluid delivery pressure is defined as the pressure measured on the fluid side of the pump.  Variation from this pressure will cause flow rate to vary from its factory set rate.  Figure 5 shows the percent variation of flow rate at pressures other than the standard fluid delivery pressure.
Figure 5  Influence of Fluid Delivery Pressure on Infu-DiskTM Factory Set Flow Rate
Note that a positive offset represents an increase in the set flow rate and a negative offset represents a decrease.  The corrected flow rates for pumps with factory set flow rates greater than 0.1 mL/hr that are subjected to delivery pressures other than 11 mm Hg can be estimated using this equation:
Expected Flow Rate = Factory Set Flow Rate x 14.9 psia

14.7 psia + Fluid Delivery Pressure (psig)
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