Patented Technologies Available for Licensing

Med-e-Cell creates products based exclusively on its core technology, Prime Mover TM. This technology, using energy available from small commercial batteries, can electrochemically generate a gas used to produce mechanical work, remove a gas from an enclosed volume or control the amount of gas within an enclosed volume. In several existing applications oxygen (from air) has been the motive gas.
Key features of the technology are the precise control of the gas generation rate, the reversibility of the process (exploited in reciprocating motion devices) and the ability to control and maintain oxygen pressure levels.
Applications include: low cost, single use or multi-use, pumps for fluid delivery, drug and food preservation devices and mechanical actuators. Control circuitry can be as simple as a battery and a resistor. This technology is also well suited for programmable, micro-processor based designs.     Application Examples
The following patented products and technologies are available for licensing:
Fluid Delivery Devices/Systems
Oxygen Extraction Devices
Topical Oxygen Wound Treatment Device
Fluid Dispenser/Emitter for pest control
Miniature Refrigeration Unit
E-Cell™ Electrochemical Cell Module
Multi-junction Electrochemical Cell
Fluid Dispenser/Emitter for fragrance and aromatherapy
Electrochemical Motor
Disposable Syringe Pump

In all instances, Prime Mover TM offers unique advantages over conventional technologies in design flexibility, miniaturization, efficiency, power requirements, reliability and cost.
Prime Mover TM... "bringing air to life"
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