Topical Oxygen Wound Treatment Device

File # MEC No 2001
Description Dermox™ is a disposable ambulatory wound treatment device which provides and maintains oxygen-rich or oxygen-depleted micro-environments over the wound. It can be controlled to generate a time-dependent oxygen concentration profile.

The photograph shows a complete 7.5 cm x 10 cm wound dressing model modified to incorporate the self-powered micro oxygen generator.

Advantages Dermox™ allows for a continuous supply of oxygen without tethering or confining the patient. The oxygen concentration can be set to optimize treatment response.
Applications Oxygen has been shown to be beneficial for the treatment of certain wounds. Systemic treatment via hyperbaric chambers is expensive. Tethering the patient to a compressed oxygen tank for topical supply is cumbersome and disruptive. Dermox™ offers a cost-effective solution for supplying oxygen to the ambulatory patient. Applications include:
  • Primary therapeutic treatment for chronic wounds (ulcers, venous stasis, decubitis) and burns.
  • Adjunct to the delivery of topical therapeutic agents (growth factors) or treatments (heat, electrical stimulation).
  • Inhibition of bacterial growth.
  • Over-the-counter wound dressings/bandages
State of Development Early stage in-vivo testing on rats. Demonstration device available. The self-contained micro-oxygen generator is an existing Med-e-Cell product.
Rights Available Exclusive or non-exclusive, or for specific indications.
Support Available for prototype/product development and clinical investigations.
Patent Status U.S. # 5,788,682; 4,902,278; 6,010,317 and foreign.
Key Words Topical oxygen, wound dressing, bandage, wound treatment, disposable topical oxygen source.
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