Disposable/Reusable Syringe or Cartridge Pump

File # MEC No 2005
Description A disposable adapter (pumping module), attached to a filled syringe, is fitted with an electrochemical cell which generates oxygen gas pressure, used as an energy source, to controllably and accurately displace the syringe plunger for continuous fluid delivery. The adapter is for single or multiple uses. Optionally, the flow rate is pre-set or adjustable and the adapter can include features: start/stop, signals, or programming.

The photograph shows various syringes and adapters. Prototypes/products have been developed for glass and plastic syringes, ranging from 1 to 100 mL.

Advantages Whenever simplicity, convenience, ease of use and economy are required, this versatile, disposable (or re-usable) syringe pump offers advantages not available with conventional electromechanical pumps.
Applications Electrochemical pumps can be used for the controlled delivery of fluids from syringes, cartridges, etc. without need for substantial investment or concern about refurbishment/tracking. Applications include:
  • Drug delivery:
    • Parenteral or topical.
    • Single use or patient dedicated.
    • Kit: pre-filled syringe, pump, accessories.
    • Drug specific system concept (patent extension).
  • Dispensers for chemicals, reactants in processes, diagnostics.
  • Lubrication:oil, greases.
State of Development Prototypes/products designed/developed.
Rights Available Exclusive or non-exclusive or specific uses.
Support Product design/development; supply of modules.
Patent Status U.S. # 5,971,722; 4,687,423; 4,886,514; 4,902,278. Foreign patents.
Key Words Syringe pump, disposable dispensers, drug delivery.
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