E-CellTM Electrochemical Cell Module

File # MEC No 2006
Description The electrochemical cell module (ECM) is a nested arrangement assembly of current collector / electrode / membrane / electrode / current collector.  The membrane is an ionomer; the current collector is a corrosion-resistant metal. Designed for low resistance, long life.
Advantages Electrical contacts are established form a single side of the assembly. The ECM is a conveniently pre-assembled packaged single cell.

Nested ECM’s can be used in power generation devices or power consuming electrochemical processes. Applications include:

  • Fuel cells (PEM-type)
  • Batteries (air cathode based)
  • Oxygen concentrators (air-based) used:
    • As a pure oxygen source.
    • In electrochemical pumps.
    • In electrochemical reactors.
  • Electrolyzers (hydrogen/oxygen sources)
State of Development ECM’s (0.2, 1.0 and 10 cm2) are Med-e-Cell products used in electrochemical pumps, oxygen generators/extractors.
Rights Available Exclusive or non-exclusive for specific uses/markets.
Support Med-e-Cell is available as a supplier to licensees.
Patent Status U.S.# 6,010,317. Foreign patents.
Key Words Electrochemical cell, fuel cell, micro-power sources, air electrodes, oxygen generators, oxygen extractors.
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