Fluid (insecticides, pesticides, fragrance) Dispenser/Emitter

File # MEC No 2010
Description Mini-dispenser delivering fluids over long time periods (months). The fluid is delivered, at a constant rate, to a pad, from which it evaporates. Totally autonomous. Operates from a small button sized battery. Easy to start, stop and restart.

The photograph shows a dispenser used for the controlled emission of pheromones to prevent bark beetle infestation on the Kenai Peninsula. Field-testing was conducted by the U.S. Forestry Service in Alaska. The project was funded by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation.

The device holds 17 mL of fluid and delivers its contents over a period of 3 months. The dimensions are 3.5" x 3.5". Weight empty: 11.7 grams.

Advantages Allows for a constant rate of delivery of multi-component mixtures. Stable fluid delivery unlike evaporation or diffusion-type dispensers. No electrical outlet needed as required by "plug-in" dispensers.
Applications Dispensers/emitters of this type are useful for the short and long-term delivery of a variety of fluids, at a constant rate. Applications include:
  • Pest management: forests, crops, fruits, vegetables
  • Pest and insect control in the home
  • and commercial environment or for outdoor uses
  • Zero-order emitter for multi-component pheromone mixtures
  • Fragrance dispensers
  • Aromatherapy
State of Development A production run has been conducted for the field test units in Alaska and California. The fluid pumping module, a key component of the device, is produced by Med-e-Cell.
Rights Available Exclusive or non-exclusive for specific markets and applications.
Support Med-e-Cell is available for product development, prototype production and as a supplier of the pumping module.
Patent Status U.S.#4,902,278; 5,928,194; 6,010,317 and pending foreign patents.
Key Words Dispenser, emitter, pesticide, insecticide, pheromone, fragrance, aromatherapy, attractant, repellant, aggregation, anti-aggregation, pest control, insect control
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