Oxygen Extractor

File # MEC No 2002
Description Extract-O™ is a miniature, disposable, oxygen removal/storage device for small, sealed vials, containing oxygen-sensitive compounds. The device can be an integral part of the closure. Start and stop can be controlled.

The photograph shows an experimental extractor built into a vial cap, attachable to a 10 mL glass vial, stoppered with a 20 mm rubber closure. The extractor operates after the needle penetrates the device. In product configurations, the extractor is incorporated within the stopper.

Advantages Reduces/maintains oxygen levels below 200 ppm. Eliminates the need for preservatives. No chemicals are used. Extract-O™ is active only when oxygen is present. Life expectancy up to 2 3 years.
Applications Many products are sensitive to oxygen, resulting in oxidative degradation and shortened shelf-life. This is usually minimized by addition of antioxidants or inert gases. A new cost-effective alternative is provided by use of an active oxygen extractor. Applications include:
  • Preservation of oxygen sensitive compounds, such as pharmaceuticals, biocompounds, chemicals, catalysts, foods and beverages.
  • Cultivation of anaerobic bacilli.
  • Potential for life extension of blood and blood products.
State of Development Prototypestested to demonstrate the preservation of oxygen-sensitive epinephrine. (Published International Journal of Pharmacological Compounding, 3 (1999) pp. 493 5. The self-contained micro-oxygen generator is already a Med-e-Cell product.
Rights Available Exclusive or non-exclusive for specific applications or markets.
Support Med-e-Cell is available for product development and as a supplier of the extractor.
Patent Status U.S.# 4,902,278; 6,010,317 and pending. Foreign patents.
Key Words Oxygen removal, oxygen extraction, drug preservation, food preservation, anaerobic environment.
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