Fluid Delivery Devices/Systems

File # MEC No 2004
Description Infu-Disk™ represents a family of totally autonomous, single-use, battery-operated fluid delivery pumps; no additional components are required. To operate simply fill the reservoir and press the start button. Available sterilized. Delivery capability: 1 to 20 mL reservoirs, operating at any (factory-set) flow rate from 0.01 to 5 mL/hr. Can be made available as a "semi" disposable product, i.e. discard the disposable fluid reservoir, re-use the pump module. The reservoir has a toroidal shape; the pumping module is at the center. Dimensions: 5 cm diameter; 1.6 cm high. Weight: 20 grams.
Advantages Simple, cost-effective pump, delivering fluid continuously (in contrast to the pulsatile flow of electrochemical pumps) and accurately. Easy to install and operate.
Applications Excellent alternative to conventional pumps whenever size, weight, ease of operation, and uniform delivery are issues and when investment, traceability, re-sterilization become important operating cost contributors. Applications include:
  • Disposable drug delivery, parenteral, topical.
  • Continuous delivery of reactants, nutrients, stabilizers, etc., in chemical, biochemical processes.
  • Long term delivery of pesticides, insecticides, etc.
  • Emission of fragrances, fresheners, etc.
State of Development Infu-Disk™ is a trademark and product manufactured by Med-e-Cell. Product specifications available. Prototype of "semi"-disposable products available.
Rights Available Exclusive or non-exclusive for specific applications or markets. Distributorships.
Support Available for custom product development and as a supplier of pumping modules.
Patent Status U.S.# 4,902,278; 5,928,194; 5,938,640. Foreign patents.
Key Words Minipumps, disposable drug delivery devices, animal care products, dispensers, emitters.
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