Multi-junction Electrochemical Cell

File # MEC No 2007
Description Multiple individual cells are arranged on a single electrolytic membrane; a separate cell is used as pressure sensor. The membrane is sandwiched between printed circuit boards wired to achieve series and/or parallel interconnections.

Photograph of an 8-electrode planar multi-junction cell. The cell is assembled between two identical pre-wired current collectors/compression plates. The assembled device is 4.5 mm thick and 6.4 cm in diameter.

Advantages Eliminates the complexities of stacking multiple cells, and the need for a separate sensor. Improves reliability, efficiency and manufacturing cost.
Applications Planar multi-junction electrochemical cells can be used in power generation devices or in devices converting DC power into mechanical work. Applications include:
  • Fuel cells (PEM based) mini-power sources.
  • Mechanical work generators:
      • Electrochemical pumps.
      • Electrochemical actuators.
      • Electrochemicalcompressors.
State of Development Experimental 3, 5 and 8 electrode cells with pressure sensors. Demonstration of experimental hydrogen-driven electrochemical pump. Publications.
Rights Available Exclusive or non-exclusive.
Support Technical assistance available.
Patent Status U.S.# 4,648,955; 5,149,413; 5,334,304; 5,417,822; patents pending. Foreign patents.
Key Words Electrochemical cell, fuel cell, mini-power source, electrochemical hydrogen pump, electrochemical actuators.
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